Uzbekcharimpoyabzali. Association of Leather and Shoe Enterprises

Beruniy street, 41

Association «Uzbekcharimpoyabzali» created by the Decree of President of Republic Uzbekistan № 2552, dated 23 February 2000. The main objectives of the Association is coordinating the activities of the industry in collecting and processing of hides and skins, manufacture competitive leather products, footwear and leather products, as well as a unified technical and investment policy, the broad attraction of foreign investment, introducing advanced technology, modernization and technical re-equipment of the industry.

The Association «Uzbekcharimpoyabzali» includes 252 companies, including 73 enterprises for procurement of raw hides, which are located in all regions of the country, 45 companies refining the skin, 129 enterprises producing shoes, 4 leather goods company, and 1 venture to produce artificial leather. Currently, the leather and footwear industry of the country are working more than 26.0 thousand skilled workers.

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